Bal Harbour


A seamless luminous ceiling was incorporated into the design of the new 3.1 Phillip Lim boutique in Bal Harbour, Florida to provide an immersive illumination experience.

The clean and contemporary aesthetic use of light and space is carried through the large storefront windows well into the store’s lofty interior, creating a vibrant environment that draws customers within.

The use of a floor-to-ceiling mirror in the center of the store provides the illusion of a continuous luminous surface as viewed from anywhere within the space while also acting as a functional partition.

The clean, seamless visual appearance is enabled by the use of Cooledge TILEs behind a continuous fabric to deliver ambient illumination without shadows.

High CRI illumination ensures that colors are true while uniform color consistency maintains the integrity of the aesthetics that are a key feature of the design.

Photography Credits: Scottie Cameron

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